001 . VOLKERMORD “Ancient Fascists Return” first album tape version. Fucking unrelenting black metal terror from UK, d-beat black metal with noisy voices and cold sound. Limited 300 copies, pro cover. War Command Distro 001.


002 . HIKIKOMORI live mcd-r lim. 50 copies. droning noise void live performance for this obscure and destroying drone project. Expect expanding distorted fuzz and deep noises from the black void. SOLD OUT

8€ postage included

003 Blasphemous Noise Torment / Heathen/Lifecode "Live Purge 2010" split cd-r limited 200 copies 
5 songs each band with good sound, comes with booklet and inlay on red paper. Barbaric Black/Death for BNT /
orthodox hammering War Metal for HLC. A masterpiece of brutality and discipline.  SOLD OUT

5€ postage included

004 BLUT "Ritual and Ceremony" tape album lim. 300 copies. 150 white paper, 150 yellow paper.
Over one hour of Drone and Doom , this album contains three long tracks wich drift seamlessly through ambient
sub bass rituals and heavy doom arrangements reminiscent of early Nightstick and Sunn O))) .
Expect heavy dirge bass lines,over driven low end guitars descending into psychedelic delayed amplifier stabbings, primitive drum poundings and minimal screamed vocals caked in black metal cave reverb .
Drop out of life and kill .


5€ postage included

005 LETHIFEROUS "Demo MMX" SOLD OUT, Lim. 150, 2nd print

Devastating war death metal from Ireland. In the veins of Order From Chaos, Bolt Thrower and Possessed. Great band. SOLD OUT


009 AMPUTATOR "Intolerant Profanatory Domination"

2nd demo, barbaric war black metal. Comes with pro booklet and tape stickers.


010 AMPUTATOR "Intolerance Deathsquads"

Last album, official tape version in cooperation with STI (Ger). Pro booklet and tape stickers.


[Soon out WCD: 006; 007; 008]