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Distro list updated, more news soon. Some new items coming, as Clandestine Blaze, Lugubre, Kenaz... 

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some stuff is gone, few things entered, just ask







!!!OUT NOW!!!

6 tracks of bestial death metal distortion from Denmark.
In the veins of Sadomator, early Bolt Thrower, Revenge but with an original noisy and raw touch.
Coming from the abyss called Order of Nonagram, this trio unleashes an extreme assault of satanic death metal destruction.
Tape comes with pro cover, 5€ or ask for trades. Lim. 150 copies.



DISTRO UPDATED with Murmurs, Beastcraft, Vomitchapel and few others. Coming soon Destruktor, Essenz and others.



Distro list completely updated with more than 200 cds titles including Inquisition, Ad Hominem, Der Sturmer, Nuclear Hammer, Thou Shalt Suffer, Wolfthorn, Bosque, Antediluvian, Goatpenis, Dishammer, Acid Witch, Ravencult and many more. Tapes: Genokeit, Purification Kommando, Bosque and others. Vynils: Abhorrot, Thorns of Hate, Sadomator...



Nocthornialh "gillehu" demo tape is being printed these days, expect total devastating noisy death metal from Denmark. an holocaust against christianity and purity.



BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT "Ancient Insignias" LP is here.

many stuff will be uploaded soon in distro.



Fucking out now.

THE PLAGUE RIDES AT DAWN - lo fi black metal for those into Bone Awl, Akitsa and Malveillance.

tape 4€. lim. 150 xeroxed.



Distro updated with Amputator, Black Torment, Heathen Lifecode...

Spear of Longinus will arrive soon togheter with Goatpenis cds...



Spear of Longinus - Domni Satnasi CD OUT NOW!

released by Black Sun Society

Official distribution for Italy and abroad. ask for wholesales and trades.

In contrast to the re-release by Vinland Winds some years ago, this version features the original LP sound and layout based on the original LP layout.

[For orders / wholesales conact:]



MALARIA "Blood Mercenaries" 7" Canadian Grind War, exclusive distribution for Italy is here! 

Antediluvian "Watchers Reign" cd;Heretic "Gods over Humans Slaves Under Satan" cd; Ungod "Circle of the seven infernal pacts" cd; Kratornas "The corroding age of wounds" cd; Demonomancy (It) "Bearers of Black Arts" (bestial devotion) tape; Ominosity "Altar of the Black Sun" tape; Morbus Chron "Splendour of Disease" tape...

GOATPENIS new album on cd here soon!


Distro updated with Morbosidad, Dead Congregation, Kill, Blut and many more...



Distro updated, soon out new releases.



NEW STUFF in Distro:

Morbosidad / Sadomator "Rites of Desecration" split 7" 8€

Naked Whipper "Pain Streaks" bootleg cd collection, 30 tracks!!! great!!! 10€



Distro updated with Antediluvian, Hekseri, Deathgate Arkanum and others. Waiting for Naked Whipper and more.



New stuff in distro. ANTEDILUVIAN: all demos and "Revelation in Excrements" 12"



Vasaeleth tape, Diocletian WOAAA, Death Skull, Watain, CONQUEROR are here. Distro updated.

Strike to win!



Grave Miasma "Exalted Emanation"

Necros Christos "Triune Impurity Rites"

Necros Christos "Doom of the Occult"

are here

very limited quantities

all 10€ each



Tapes and Cds list is updated.

new stuff in stock soon: Conqueror, Necros Christos (both albums), Damnation, Maniac Butcher and few others.


SADOMATOR "Goat Attack - Live Chaos" tape is here. 10€ (import)

new stuff also: Amputator, Nihil Domination, Blood of Seklusion, Wolfslair, Heretic, Seges Findere, Ungod...


Blasphemous Noise Torment will open for IMPALED NAZARENE

Saturday 23 April, Mac 2, Vicenza Ovest, Italy



Distro updated.



Distro updated, more soon.



New stuff in distro will arrive soon:

Embrace of Thorns, Mythos, Ceremonial Execution, Sworn, Dead Congregation, Father Befouled, Necrovation, Cauldron Black Ram, Necrovorous, Infinitum Obscure, Atomizer, Inquisition, Profanatica, Bestial Mockery, Denouncement Pyre and many others.

BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT "Ancient Insignias" first full lenght album is here. Ask for trades and wholesale.


Nuclear Hammer t-shirt Available now sizes S - M - L 12€


Distro updated, more stuff soon.








Distro list completely updated with new stuff as: Nihil Domination, Malvento, Ouroboros, Nuclear Hammer, Diocletian, AMSG, Mortuary Drape, Unctoris, Vomitor, Goatvomit and others.

buy directly here:



Various new items arrived, soon to be out some releases. Update soon.



DIOCLETIAN "War of all against all" cd released by Invictus prod. is finally here. Total destructive hammering death metal of war, a step ahead of "Doom Cult". One of the best album of 2011. Now begins destruction. 10€!

AMSG "The principle of Evil..." mcd is here also.



Many new items in distro as: Nihil Domination, Mantak, Sabbat, Nunslaughter, Havohej, Mortuary Drape...



To be released really soon: Lethiferous from Ireland. Bestial death metal the classical way from the green island. 

This is a re-release of the strickly limited demo tape, will come in quality xeroxed booklet and 150 limited copies.

For fans of Beherit, Order From Chaos and Bolt Thrower...

here some infos


on the way: Goatvomit tapes, Diocletian "War of all against all", AMSG, Necroholocaust / Obesiance 7" etc. stay tuned.



New stuff in distro, more to come soon.



New arrivals in distro: Kommandant, Sadiztik Impaler, Adversarial, Gorgoroth.

More to come soon.



New releases confirmed for 2010-2011

the plague rides at dawn tape demo, lo fi black metal in the veins of Akitsa, Malveillance, Bone Awl

Amputator "Intolerance Profanatory Domination" tape reprint with bonus

Volkermord tape demo collection with bonus track

Blasphemous Noise Torment "Ancient Insignias" full lenght album coproduction with S.T.I. (Ger)



Ouroboros double sided t-shirt, in conspiracy with Supremacy Through Intolerance (Ger) - order it for 20€.

New stuff in distro: Vomitor "Devil's Poison" cd; Paria "Unchain the unclean" cd; Ketzer "Satan's boundaries unchained" cd; Gospel of the Horns "The satanist's dream" cd. Upcoming: Adversarial, Blood Revolt, Witchrist and more.


Out soon Ouroboros t-shirt (with album cover on front and goat erected on back - 20€) and Doomhammer "Lion Skulls" t-shirt. Pre-order now for 10€.


Doomhammer "Ghouls from Ginnungagap" demo 2 is finally out. 4 tracks of ancient thrash metal rough and filth as hell. Include 2 covers of G.G. Allin evergreen. Produced by Maltkross records. Also for trade. 4€


In stock : Korpblod "Norron Megi" new album from this swedish duo. Amazing Heathen Black Metal at it's best. Long evocative songs, heavy and savage sound for one of the 2010's best album so far. A must to have. Intense.


OUT NOW 004 BLUT "Ritual and Ceremony" tape album lim. 300 copies. 150 white paper, 150 yellow paper.

Over one hour of Drone and Doom , this album contains three long tracks wich drift seamlessly through
ambient sub bass rituals and heavy doom arrangements reminiscent of early Nightstick and Sunn O))) .
Expect heavy dirge bass lines,over driven low end guitars descending into psychedelic delayed amplifier stabbings,
primitive drum poundings and minimal screamed vocals caked in black metal cave reverb .
Drop out of life and kill .

5€ postage included

New Section War Bulletin up. Here you will find interviews to underground bands.
Diocletian first, coming next Antediluvian.


003 Blasphemous Noise Torment / Heathen/Lifecode "Live Purge 2010" split cd-r limited 200 copies
5 songs each band with good sound, comes with booklet and inlay on red paper. Barbaric Black/Death for BNT /
orthodox hammering War Metal for HLC. A masterpiece of brutality and discipline. SOLD OUT

002 . HIKIKOMORI live mcd-r ready. lim. 50 copies. droning noise void
live performance for this obscure and destroying drone project. Expect expanding distorted fuzz
and deep noises from the black void. SOLD OUT

001 . VOLKERMORD “Ancient Fascists Return” first album tape version.
Fucking unrelenting black metal terror from UK, d-beat black metal with
noisy voices and cold sound. Limited 300 copies, pro cover. War Command Distro 001.



006 Amputator "Intolerant Profanatory Domination" 2nd demo reprint (with STI Ger)
007 Amputator "Intolerance Deathsquads" final album tape version (with STI Ger)
008 The Plague Rides at Dawn demo filth lo fi BM
009 Volkermord demo collection, noisy war BM
010 Heathen / Lifecode 1st demo reprint tape
011 Vo)))id demo tape, drone ambient
012 Morbid Pest filth black death metal
013 Resurrection occult black metal

more soon

band into black/death cult get in touch for serious cooperation